Dr. Michael G. Willis, D.C.

As a past member of the Thousand Oaks Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Willis was instrumental in establishing their Chamber Health Committee. As co-chair for three years, he helped create the largest attended health fair in Ventura County. He is a past board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Simi Valley, member of both Sunrise Rotary Clubs of Westlake Village and Simi Valley and continues to contribute his time and energy to these organizations, offering them his unique talents in speaking to thousands, with energy, humor and genuine engagement. 

His 22 years in practice gives Dr. Willis a unique understanding of both the healthcare needs of the community and that of the businesses that support those communities. "Each person who counts themselves among the workforce, from executive to producer, is entitled to understanding how they can fully own and take responsibility for their own health. Once shown how health works, this new found power allows for greater growth; personally and professionally." 

As a much sought after speaker, Dr. Willis presents his effective Lifestyle teachings to this diverse group as well as other health care professionals at symposiums and round-table discussions on alternative health care. Dr. Willis' experience bridges the gap between preventative holistic care and timely allopathic intervention. "These two approaches to healthcare, when working synergistically, provide the individual and the company that employs them with a workforce that gets sick less often, is more productive and elevates the whole of the communities they live in and serve." 


What Dr. Willis offers the corporate world is a program that is measurable, easily replicated and responsive to the challenges they face in maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.